How do I maintain my custom spray tan? 

Prepping correctly and then following these steps will insure your custom spray tan lasts, on average, 5-10 days

  • Do not take long hot showers--opt for a cooler temperature while you have your tan

  • Do not scrub or use a loofah/pouf/washcloth

  • Do not use bar soap

  • Do not shave for the first 24 hours following your tan--when you do shave make sure you use a new razor

  • PAT your skin dry vs. rubbing with your towel

  • LOTION is your friend following your first shower--make sure you moisturize twice per day! Neglecting lotion will cause your tan to fade unevenly!! I have always used Nivea lotion with great success. 

  • It is critical that you apply sunscreen while you have a spray tan as the solution does NOT contain SPF of any kind.

    • Oil free lotion varieties (preferably organic) are recommended to preserve the life of your tan.​

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